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Jul. 6th, 11:25am
The Meetings

The black Uber Escalade sped north from the Golden Gate bridge. We descended into Sausalito, pulling up to a low slung sprawling adobe style building. Although I couldn't see it, I could sense in the air that we were close to the bay. Stepping down from my ride my view was obscured by the high wood fence and bamboo that protected the building. I was met and led into a common room with half a dozen people milling about. We were quickly ushered into the conference room where a fashionable young woman sat at her laptop prepared...

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What is rakeback?


Commonly asked questions by newer players

Rake is the term for what poker players pay to play poker on a poker site. Rake is how poker rooms make money. The poker sites deducts a certain amount from every cash game pot, or have the player pay an extra fee on top of the buy in for every tournament and Sit and Go. The poker sites average a 5% rake across all their games. With the volume of players and hands, that accumulates into a tremendous amount of money. Rakeback is simply a discount you receive back from the rake you pay in.