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Date Posted: Jan. 26, 10:30am, 2 Comments

After a few years lost with not knowing what i wanted from poker, was it fun or was it a way to make money. Ive had a few good years and to be honest a few bad one's. I won an American forum league and made some money on the way, became the first Brit to win 3 months in a row and won 6 months out of 12 to take the yearly title. When it came to collecting the award things turned out to be not so simple. They took 3 months before i was told the award had to be sent back for engraving, only after weeks of asking what was happening with it, another 2 months later they said they would post it next week. When i asked in Sept 9 months down the road, they said it had been posted weeks ago. nothing ever arrived and words where said, i only played 2 league games this year and dont know i i realy want to play there again. What realy took me by suprise is my win ratio went from 78% to 22% after a few heated words to them. The poker site were these league games are played, i also played 5 and 10 dollar double up games. The admin for the league is very good friends with the poker site manager along with other members of the admin team.I was hitting trips on the flop and straights by thr turn. Everytime i pushed and was called or re-raised they where hitting bigger hands everytime, not just once in a game but every single hand.Myself and friends could not belive the outcome of every hand. Was this just poker odds or just bad luck. Or was there some other power at work ie the poker program had my name. i no longer play cash games on this site and win on many other site playing my same game. I  came across poker curious and looked around and ive found manythings to help me in my game and start to enjoy poker more than ever. good luck to all members and hope to play you all soon. GARYUK1.

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