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Date Posted: Nov. 15, 9:27am, 3 Comments

Well sportsfans it has been almost two months since my last blog entry and it that time my life has definitely changed making it one of the busier two months in my life.  Now when I say busy I mean all around busy.  Farm work busy to me is not the same as general life busy because when the farm work is done I can usually take some time off or sleep without worry for a few days to catch up on that rest.  Those days seem to be gone now.  For the last two months I made a deal and moved into a new house.  This has come with many new issues that I never have had to worry about before.  In a way though it has helped all of my general trades skills in one way or another.  I have did lots of carpentry, finishing, work with a little plumbing and electrical thrown in.  So I guess knowledge is power and I can successfully do some more things that a I couldn't before.  Even though it still takes me a little longer in general to get these things done.  Add the that the fact that I now have to look after 100% of the housework, laundry, cooking, and general tidiness of the place it has added up to becoming a busy time.  At that I am still working and trying to do as much as possible in all other areas of my life.  Hopefully it all turns out in the long run for me to live a much more fullfilling existence.  


The other thing I have also been working with is being a more involved member of the community.  I really want to spend as much time on the curling ice this year just to see how much up and down my knee can take before it internally swells up to the point where I can't do anything.  Well the most obvious thing to do it seemed was become a coach for different levels in our community.  So I found the closest clinic and took a couple days to get my Club Coach training.  I will probably try to get my level two within the next two years and then I would be capable of taking teams very close to the elite level with that certification.  The highest level right now is a level 3 and that involves taking a weekend course at UofS, maybe they have one at UofR too.  I would need a specific team at that point though that would need me to get to that level.  Mind you once you get there sometimes the elite teams come looking for you.  Anyways my plans for this year are to coach at the little rock, junior and senior level.  I think I am also scheduled in to have a couple of beginner adult clinics throughout the year.  So here is hoping to all that going as well.  I have my first couple games this week as well, and hopefull my team will be up for entering the skins game this weekend, and possibly put the hammer down to make a little scrilla over top of the entry fee.  Like usual my plan is this.  If I can skip a better game and keep things simple with better strategy it should be easier for my team to win.  Mind you things don't always work that way and I get way into a more complicated end than I should be.  But such is life and it all will be a great experience.  Hopefully I can get back into a nice competitive rythm though and maybe next season I'll be able to go competitive bonspieling for a year.


Of course I have tried to keep playing as much poker and backgammon as possible.  Sadly I haven't been able to play as much because I don't play when I don't feel like I will be able to play my best, and some nights I just know I'm going to suck because I'm tired from such a long day.  Just like the day I didn't shove pre with 88 and like 12 bb.  Though I won the hand I know I played it bad.  Oh well I know there are some guys from the US who are playing on Lock and Merge now I can chat with so that should make it much better.  Plus things are slowing down for me so I should be able to play a little more and study a little less.  I always get back to poker at some point, I just need to be able to play my A game.  Maybe it means I'm maturing and not throwing so much money away into bad situations just to play.  I'm making far too many mistakes and backgammon too.  Playing poorly and a little run bad and I've dropped 100 rating points in the last month.  Yesterday alone I lost three games by a pip or two.  That is very very frustrating.  I just need to stop rushing my plays however and all will be good.  So hopefully I can balance everything out now that it has finally started to get cold and get back to all of my passions.  



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Date Posted: Sep. 18, 5:30pm, 2 Comments

Well things again are wrapping up for another year here on the farm.  We have finished harvest thank goodness for another year.  It is also about time to put the sprayer away for another year.  So luckily for me that means I really just have some wrap up work to finish up and a pretty long fall for subsequent activities outdoors.  Hopefully I can think of a small adventure to go on.  There is something exciting though happening in my life but I'll wait for a couple more details to get hashed out before I go public with the information.  However hopefully by the end of this week I'll be able to let everyone know whats happening.  


Harvest went as well as could be expected.  We had a couple of unfortunate problems with our new equipment but the problems were not confined to just us so that always makes me feel better.  It always makes me feel better though as well that the work done will be on warranty.  As far as yields went the durum ran over expectation around 52 bu./ac. but the mustard under performed at around 18 bu./ac.  but all in all it turned out to be an ok year.


I had loaded up my mp3 player though with as many poker podcasts I could muster and listened to hours of them within the last few days before I got down combining trying to prepare myself for the return to the tables.  I have noticed that my poker moods seem to cycle with the seasons.  When I get to start playing lots again I really like to play tournaments and PLO, something with a little more varaince and action.  But usually by the time the winter wears on me I am ready for either stud8 or O8.  The game with the least variance out there.  Especially in the limit format. We will have to see again  this year if my cycle continues.  However if I run hot in one game that would make me consider sticking with it for a longer period of time.


I do have some goals I am trying to set for this poker season.  One is to really work on my mental game and work ethic.  This is probably the biggest detractor from me being a losing player the last two seasons.  When I was a winner my mindset and work ethic was totally different.


Also I want to post more in the forums this winter.  I just always hate posting hands when it seems I am jumpinh between games too much.  I should just be way less self conscious in this area and just put the work in.  Also with the game being gone in the US right now I may try to snag a coach at a discount.  This would make me more accountable and maybe I'll get my ass in gear a little more.  I mean its all fine and well to be a recreational player the only problem with that is that they usually don't take the money home at the end of the night.  I need to find where my edge is and stick with it.  Not be so whiny and just win.  


Also I am still playing loads of backgammon and some chess as well.  My chess games sucks but I am getting some free coaching from a friend so hopefully that will help.  My backgammon game is really coming along and I may reach my goal of an 1800 rating by Christmas.  That will most likely depend on how many games I can get in by Christmas time.  I'll leave you all with that right now and hopefully everyone is still running good.  Oh yeah great to hear about the PC league keeping going on Mint.  Zimba always does a great job getting value for the members hear even in such a tough climate right now in the poker industry so my hat is off to him once again.  Also Ross if your reading this you need to cross post here more often.  And remember you can all follow me on twitter at jpeterson007  Somedays I have some funny things to say but mostly its just farming and poker talk.  

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Date Posted: Aug. 14, 10:23am, 2 Comments

I know I know not too much of a crazy title but I have never been good with titles.  Well things have been movin on for me.  Just trying to keep the wheels turning.  As far as the farming goes it has been the usual schedule of lots of work.  Because of the way the year has gone I have had to spend a little more time on the high clearance than usual to keep things extra clean.  Luckily it has been a little more spread out than usual so I haven't had to spend four or five days in a row on it.  Really now once again I am just waiting for the crops to ripen so I can get out there and get them back in the bin.  On the weird side of things we are still waiting for some product to be picked up and moved were usually we have all of that done by now.  I'm sure they will be sending lots of trucks at once and that will be cleaned up in a couple of days.  With moving product at the end of the year sometimes it is better to get it all done at once then it is only one or two days of shoveling bin bottoms and it doesn't really drag out.  Other than that there isn't too much to update in the business arena.


As far as my wild and wacky personal life goes it is probably lacking slightly in both of those areas right now.  I did get to go to the motorcycle rally I have been to for the last four years so it is good to keep the streak up.  This year we rode down all in one day however which was ok but started to get a little tiring at the end due to the heat.  I was pretty tired so I really just hung around my hotel and the downtown area a little bit.  Didn't feel like getting too crazy on my bike though I did take my bike out past a mine to a secluded little spot by a river.  Didn't do much for me though so I hammered it down back to the hotel.  I did go to the MMA fights again with my friends Josh and Jill and some of their friends.  They were ok again per usual but nothing spectacular happened this year and I think they slimmed down the card.  Of course the degen in me bet on almost every fight with the loser getting first pick in the next fight.  It was really just to trash talk each other more than anything.  I'm not sure but the rally seemed a little more toned down than the last couple of years.  A little less craziness and not so many drunk chicks.  Probably has something to do with the economy and not so many people travelling from a distance.  They also didn't have the same campground space available this year either as well.  On a sad note I did not make it to the bikini car wash this year.  I did try but it seems everytime I went down there, they were on lunch break or something.  So that pretty much covers the rally I know it seems kind of boring but really I didn't do as much this year as on other years.  Plus I was down there for one less day this year.


Yes I still am a degen but not a stud master yet.  I had a nice little upswing to start out with about a month and a half ago.  Which of course was followed by a downswing that was a little worse than the upswing.  I think I'm working through it and probably am slightly better than a break even player right now.  I went back and re watched some stud8 vids by ChipsaHoyas and some Razz vids by Dr Razz.  That really helped me just tweak my game enough.  I think that if I hit a little bit of run good I would see my graph shoot up.  The only problem is that in micro stud8 it is sometimes hard to scoop lots of pots or get people caught in the middle for extra bets because the play is so passive.  Luckily though usually when I scoop a pot I am able to get a couple extra raises in and take down a more than average size pot.  Something to keep working at as always but sometimes I still want to play a little PLO.  However to this point I have been strong in my endeavor of soley playing one game right now.  It has always been part of my downfall to try and play too many games at once, that usually throws off my style.  


I did submit a stud8 leakfinder to CR to be looked at.  Not sure if or when it might be made into a video but I'm hoping it will be.  I think I could learn a lot from that.  


I'm still playing backgammon as well.  Mainly just daily move games on daily gammon where I have plenty of time to make moves and whatnot.  My elo rating is actually looking quite nice right now and maybe I'll break 1800 by the end of harvest.  I think my biggest downfall is that I don't consistently win my 5 and 7 point matches which would have a greater effect on my elo than all the 1 pointers I win.  I'm also still working by way through the books Modern Backgammon by Robertie, and New Ideas in Backgammon by Woolsey.  


It has sucked a little bit because I haven't had time to spend trolling the forums as I usually do.  There are lots of great resources out there in the forums right now and I haven't been able to really capitalize on this.  Hopefully I can get more learning time in once the snow flies.  I'm still not 100% sure all what I will be doing this winter but as always I would really like to try and move both my poker and backgammon game forward to a high level.  Mind you there will be many things I will want to do right now but that always changes when the duldrums of winter hit.  Well thats all for now so everyone take it easy, Oh yeah Zimba we have to catch up soon, miss bein able to chat as much as we do in the winter months, hope all is well with you and the family.(You need to start tweeting more)

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Date Posted: Jul. 3, 11:58am, 1 Comment

Wow, I never thought I would go this long without an update or I never meant to anyways.  But thats how some summers go on the farm.  We had some pretty terrible weather throughout April and May.  This of course means that if there are days I can't work then it all gets pushed back into the middle of the summer. It also seems that everytime I think I am caught up this year and maybe can relax a bit something else either goes wrong or comes up causing much more work than usual.  Add all the yard work to do on a acre sized farm and things keep you pretty busy.  Luckily I haven't went completely mental yet or so its hard to tell.  


I did luckily get my bike out for a day and a half last weekend luckily.  Just a quick 250 miles out and back in.  Got to catch up with an old friend and take her on a ride that I promised her three years ago when we first met.  She was explaining to her friends at the bar how we met and she talked about how she just had to talk to me because my top half was harley but my bottom half was farmer so she had to find out what kind of person made up that combination.  Good times good times.  


I really wish I was getting down to the WSOP this year.  It seems that the CardRunners crew is going on a tear with lots of deep runs and a couple of bracelets out of Matt Matros and Eric Rodawig.  Once again reaffirming my belief that poker is a skill game.  Still its sad that I'll be working my sack off while everyone from the online community will be down there living it up and having a good time.  I really wanted to make it this year and there was a slight chance but I got a call last week and they want my canola at the terminal so I'll be in the semi all week getting all my product in so I can finally get paid for last years crop, or some of it anyways.  In the downtime from that I'll be throwing around some granular fertilizer that got damp and needs to get out before it turns into a cement like block in the bin and then I have a major problem.


As far as degeneracy goes nothing too interesting.  The last three weeks I have pretty much broke even on my sports betting.  I hit some long shots and that evens out some of the -150's that I miss on.  I'm probably between 50 and 60%.  Even though the CFL season started this week and I thought the early lines were soft but all the favorites under performed and so I am 0-3 in that so far with all the underdogs covering.  I have one more chance today and it wasn't really a decision as my team is playing so I always take them anyways.  I guess the thing that sucked was in all three games I looked like an easy spot but after halftime things changed and the underdog got some points while the favorites offences didn't perform at all getting very few second half points.  Funny how my favorite CFL team and condom are the same thing so lets go Rough Riders.


Poker is still poker, and the games have been extremely soft since balck Friday.  There are a few times of the day when its seemed there weren't very many tables but I could still find action.  With lots of russian and eastern european players the micro PLO games were wild and I have never seen so many awkward shoves before in my life.  I mean like bottom pair no draws and I think I even saw one guy flip over absolutely nothing except a backdoor flush draw.  I mean I'm sure he had something but it just didn't seem like it.  I have played a little on Party since FTP went down since thats where my sportsbetting funds are.  I'll probably move to stars when I have time.  I'm kinda sad about FTP but really not surprised.  They weren't running their day to day operations as they should be and are paying for it now.  How this is an era when many large corporations are going down these paths of destruction for themselves so in any industry you are likely to see one or two companies that end up wiping themselves out.  Hopefully the players will get paid eventually and FTP can rebrand themselves because they have alot to offer the online poker community as far as software and gaming goes.


Also I guess I should mention black Friday as well.  I guess we all knew there was a chance this would happen someday in the current environment.  With FTP acting the way it was it became an inevitablility that the big online companies servicing the US were going to get looked at.  I mean FTP wasn't operating properly, neither was Cake or AP/UB.  So in a way those companies probably brought this down on ourselves.  If all companies were head down and working hard it may have made it harder for them to be indicted but there is still a good chance it would have happened anyways.  The only really depressing thing I find is that my US counterparts can't play.  I'm sure it will be legalized one day and maybe sonner than we think.  Even though there would be that waiting period it would be better than no poker at all.  It may even work out better for the companies who get liscensed because there will be such a fever as the date of legalization approaches people will go crazy once the flood gates are open.  I'll even accept having a segregated player pool if it means that US players can play.  Other than that not much crazy poker news to report.


I guess one last thing is I watched a movie called California Split the other day.  It's like mid 80's and has Elliot Gould in it.  Pretty much a movie about gambling and what it means and even though it's old it is pretty comical to me and there are some good lessons in it.  Also there is a scene with Amarillo Slim in it so that in itself makes it worth watching.  Guess thats all for now so everyone keep their heads above water and keep playing the pokaz. 

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Date Posted: Apr. 1, 11:07am, 2 Comments

I'll pose this question to the PC community.  What is poker glory to you?  Is it being able to grind out a steady profit over time?  Or are you more into the one time lightning in a bottle glory that comes with high stakes, high variance play and large tournament fields.  


If you want you can have both really however you will have to take an unglorious path to get there in almost all cases.  The more I play that is what I realize more and more.  I have to constantly be working on my game, adapting and evolving with the game.  Doing this will only secure me a solid profit.  It doesn't assure me that one day I will take down a nightly GTD tournament or have a 12 buyin day.  The key to that is playing and playing and playing.  More volume the better you are but also the most likely you are to succeed into poker glory.  


Sure you hear about the pro's who bink off tournaments about once a month, but usually its once every two or three months and thats not if they are on the low side of variance.  Everyone sees this and is always amazed about how they can do this with such consistency.  However no one who really knows this player can understand the amount of volume they have put in for that month.  The days of 15 buyins with only min cashes, or all the final table bubbles 4 nights a week for two months.  So is this really poker glory or just getting what is deserved.  And really a win is never deserved.  If your ROI is between 10% and 15% which is normal for tournaments and sngs you can acheive this with lots of deep finishes but no 1sts.  


The same thoughts can be applied to cash games.  4bb/100 which is a fairly sustainable win rate in almost all micro stakes and game forms.  That is a slow grind to the top my friends.  Sure you can probably bust up the stakes from 5nl to 25nl or maybe even 50nl.  But as you move up the stakes get higher and the win rates become tougher to come by.  So lets put a number to this.


4bb/100 at 10nl.  To make it a round number we will say you 4 table giving you 300 hands an hour about.  This means in an hour you are making $1.2 an hour.  Meaning it will take you almost 10 hours to win a buyin.  Forthwith it will take you 100 hours to win 10 buyins.  As you can see moving up can definitely be a daunting task.  Of course rakeback and bonuses always can come into play here as well changing your winrate a little.  So when you are mentally charting your career ask yourself what kind of glory are you looking for.


My own poker career has been going well as of late.  I am consistently winning in the PLO arena and also binked off back to back top three finishes in a couple ninety mans.  This has made me feel good but as always I would like more.  However right now I am satisfied to just grind out the rest of the spring before I have to go back to work hardcore for the summer.  I feel that I am really in the middle of a nice breakthrough though in my mental capacity for the game.  I don't see myself exploding anytime soon but I still would like to be able to play $10 tournaments and 50 PLO someday.  However I myself have changed my views on poker glory and will just be happy being a grinder no matter what level I am at.

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Date Posted: Mar. 7, 2:43pm, 3 Comments

I know its amazing two updates in such close proximity.  However if I don't write this down then I'll forget and I won't be able to remember this all.  Quick boring life update- I sat in a little cold shack most of the week or outside.  When hallucinating because of the cold these great ideas come to me. 


Last weekend I bought some steps tickets on FTP with points and tryed to live the dream and win a 10k package.  Sadly I didn't make it all the way.  I ended up a few steps away though I think it is possible.  The games are very exploitable at the mid/high levels with all the opponents seeming to play very much the same tagish style.  Oh well maybe another day I'll give it a run.  I wonder what the policy is on those if you can take the money instead of the package.  Also they do take up a good amount of time so you can burn a weekend with very little variance in how much it is going to cost you.


All right now on to the more serious type of poker talk.  Everyone needs an edge in the game.  Skill obviously goes a long way but there are other mental and emotional factors that make them a complete player.  One must find their edge and use it to exploit their opponents so they can win.  Back when I was in university my edge was always my drive to get the money.  I just wanted it more than the other players.  This is why I was also successful in my athletic endeavors.  I just put my mind in a place that wants in more than the opponent.  A mindset like this can help overcome lots of mediocre skill.  And I was a winner.  Then I graduated and took some time off in my first year to show that I didn't have an obsessive addiction with poker.  When I came back things had changed.  My edge had somewhat dissappeared as my financial status was more secure.  My poker winnings were not like a part time job anymore.  I could afford the same things without those winnings.  I have struggled in keeping my new edge sharp or even finding it at times.  This has left me wondering at what resources I should now explore to get my edge back.  I need to get my edge back or I will continue my break even and losing ways.  Maybe there is a good book out there for me though I have read the new Alan Shoonmaker book.  This leads me to my next topic.


I need a new challenge.  I have did most of the bankroll challenges.  However thats how I built my roll to begin with.  So what should I take on next?  I am thinking of trying my 90 man MTT challenge again.  I really want to get good at them.  I think there would be nothing more powerful than being able to make the proper resteal moves and whatnot.  Other than that I may also want to try a NL challenge like Verneer.  There are plenty of mount micro videos to go through and I truly believe that I have the skill set to transfer over to NL cash though it is really my least played game historically.  I'm not sure right now that I would be able to pull together enough of a game to try a PLO challenge.  I may also accept challenges from an PC members who want to play a set of HU SNGs against me.  This would be of course at micro stakes but could be agreed upon.  We could do either a first to a certain $ amount, or just a set of 10 or whatever.  I think this would just be fun and of course could get some PC rail action or at least a sweet trash talking thread in the forums.  So challenge me.


Lastly this last weekend was the Climax bonspiel which equals a great dance.  This gives me the chance to let you into what its like in small town SK.  The dance had about 75-100 people at it.  Which is quite abit since thats about half the population of Climax itself.  About 10 of us were the younger folk.  Somehow I luckboxed a raffle draw, winning a SD chargers hat, go mug, and a foot stool.  I gave away the foot stool though since what do I need a foot stool for and friends of mine have a daughter that needed it so she could reach the sink when she brushes her teeth.  I know I'm a standup guy. 


I was going to write about my weekend here but I wrote it out and it turned out to read terrible and wasn't that interesting so sorry about that.  Maybe I'll be able to sharpen up a drunken adventure for the next blog.  Hope everyone is keeping all their chips in their own stack.

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Date Posted: Mar. 1, 12:12pm, 2 Comments

Its been too long yet again since my last update.  Though I wanted to get a few more hands in before I came in for a real update.  Other than that let me update you on the boring stuff first.  It's been cold and windy for the most part.  I have been doing a little writing and a little work here and there.  Being back home has given me the chance to throw a few curling stones as well.  However my knee is only upfor limited action so I'm going to only be playing in one bonspiel this year which will be my home one and skipping Climax.  This is sad because now instead of two weeks of drunkeness I only get one.  I know how sad is that.  Oh did I mention I got a tattoo?  Yeah I did and it looks pretty darn good if you ask me.  I'll put up a picture when it is touched up and all healed.  My body and red ink really don't get along I found out.  It really is quite the process and getting it done is really a nice relaxing pain. 


Quick side not were are you RossG?  I miss your blogs.


On to the poker.  I'm not going to post any hands because I played pretty brutal this week.  I played a little NL for fun and a little PLO.  Both were very interesting.  I think my first all in in PLO went five handed.  I had top set and knew there was no way I could win with that many opponents in.  I mean with that many opponents in my only chance is to try and hit a boat or quads.  And a boat in that situation suck because there is a good chance middle and bottom set are out there.  So I was like good start good start.  Then my game just went downhill.  I lost all patience over the last couple days and played way too many hands way too aggressively.  We all know what happens next, either I run good or run bad.  Thats really all there is too it.  I guess you could say I ran medicore and only lost like 5 bi.  Which someguys don't even know they have started a session until they are 5 bi down or up.  NL of course is much softer due to the huge player pool.  I didn't run real stellar here losing a couple buyins in dominating situations.    Then I lost a couple in other spots were I probably shouldn't have got it in but did.  It is really important to be able to classify your opponents because there really are two different types it seems at the micros.  Guys who get it in with anything and guys who get it in with nutted hands.  If you can accomplish seperating the two you'll be much better off.  Sadly for me my judgement was a little off.


I played on multi entry tournament as well.  It was super soft and almost took one buyin of my four deep.  The great thing is that min cashes are even more useless so it really pushed me to try and build a stack.  However it was a turbo and I didn't quite push hard enough.  I was knocked out when I got 88 in against 99.  The with 1bb left I got AA and then QQ back to back.  Sadly with 5bb left I lost with the QQ hand and was out.  I like the structure though because instead of playing 4 tournies you can play one with four entries.  This way you only have to focus on one and its running time instead of trying to get four coordinated at once.  However once you get to your last buyin it get really boring.  Next tourney I think i need to work on my restealing.  There are some plays like this I don't use enough which really inhibits my chances of a deep run.  I know what I should do but pulling the trigger is always twice as hard.  Well I hope everyone is having a good run and I'm happy or Aronimik who finally FT'd a freeroll.  Maybe next time he'll win. Latas

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Date Posted: Feb. 7, 1:07pm, 0 Comments

I'm sure all of you have been wondering were I have been for the last few days.  Well actually thats probably not true as there isn't usually a huge public outcry when I don't blog for a few days like for most of the most read blogs.  Good thing there are so many options to choose from around here.


Well were to start because it has been a crazy last few weeks.  First we started off being blasted by snow while trying to move product around.  We were trying to get as much in as possible as well as bring in some seed for the upcoming year.  However it was snowing so bad that most days it took most of the day just to clear the snow out of the yard so we could drive in and out.  That doesn't count the multiple times we got multiple types of vehicles stuck around the yard as well.  So that has meant many a long tiring day clearing snow and hauling.  So that took up about two weeks.  Then we had a death of a very close relation to our family.  That meant travelling to the funeral and such.  It hit some of my family hard so I decided to stay an extra couple of days with them.  That pretty much takes me to mid last week.  Then my brother got sick one day and I ended up taking him to the ER.  Turns out he had salmonella which wasn't too cool.  Next thing I know I wasn't feeling too good either so then I was down for a day and a half with flu like symptoms.  And that brings me here.  The sad thing is I really haven't had much time to work on my game, watch videos, or play.  I've really been down to only a few hours a week.  Luckily though things seem to be getting back on track and I'm getting back into a more normal schedule.  I also have a couple exciting things coming up in the next few weeks I shouldn't talk about quite yet.  But look for some updates about what I am getting myself into.  I hope everyone is playing well and working on their game.

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Date Posted: Jan. 14, 9:54am, 0 Comments

It has been a few days since my last update.  There really hasn't been that much interesting going on though so don't feel like I've been keeping my good stories to myself.  A lot of what is going on right now on the farm is planning for next year.  So I am in contemplative thought most of the day. And if I'm not I am pretty good at pretending as well.  Also we move some product in the winter so when the call comes in I have to spend lots of time on the road just hauling in the years harvest.  Luckily most of our crop is picked up on the farm so I really don't have it too bad. The tough part is that with winter driving you never know what to expect and driving a semi can be fairly difficult.  The don't speed up very fast and they don't slow down very fast either.  Plus someone always wants to do something that is a little awkward for you.  The other day I was coming up a slight slope and noticed there were two tractors blocking and stopped in my lane. I ended up having to stop in some fresh snow.  I'm not sure what happened but I couldn't get any momentum going again and needed a little pull.  Sometimes in that spot your trailer brakes will stick just a little bit making it a little more difficult to get your wheels turning.  Oh well I guess alls well that ends well however it did make my blood pressure rise that day.


As for poker there isn't too much exciting going on.  I'm not playing my A game all the time still which is always concerning.  I have been playing a smattering of games as well just for fun.  I've been switching between deepstack PLO with an ante, stud and lhe.  Depending on my mood I like all these games for different reasons. However I really do think that my game theoretically continues to improve and my decision making is getting better.  Maybe I'll get lucky and start to run overly well.  That always keeps me motivated.  Luckily it seems though that the poker landscape on the surface hasn't changed much even with all the publicity from the bill.  It may be scary though to see what is really going on behind the curtains.  I am not sure if people are having problems with the payment processors or not.  I'm sure deep down though all the guys at FTP and Stars are ready for almost any situation that could befall the industry.  There is just too much money still out there in this for them not to have a few contigency plans in place.  Oh well I guess we can all stay on the grind a little bit longer.  Hope everyone is playing well and enjoying these months.

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Hey everyone,

Wow long time no update.  Which is slightly odd except not too many real exciting things have been happening in my life at this time.  Just grinding it out like a good poker session.  First off what am I doing for the holidays your all wondering.  Well I am just spending it at home per usual.  Eat some food open some presents, and the like.  Standard Christmas.  Then on the 28th we are having a larger 4 day gathering in the wilderness.  So I will be taking my little cousins on walks to chase down the giant squirrel.  So pretty standard and I will be there for New Years too so everyone will have to wait an entire year for a crazy New years story out of me.


One interesting thing is that over the last little bit I've been playin a little bit of XBox live.  A little Black Ops and Madden everyday.  It has really been beneficial to play these and be able to just work on my on the fly game theory practice as there are many situations that occur in these games when playing random people that you have to take into account and handle.  It's much like poker in that regard but just in a different forum.  It is all leveled thinking, if I go here, and then there and do this it should work.  Or I called that play in this situation last time and he reacted like this so this time I will make the play look the same except put a player here for a desired result.  So it has really kept my mind sharp even when I'm not playing poker.


Poker has been going fairly well.  It is odd because it seems when I know the out cards in stud I am able to make better counter intuitive plays.  However usually at the micros the other people aren't paying attention to these out cards and are very willing to chase down one out.  However sometimes they get there.  You really do see some strange hands come up however people have such predictable betting patterns that you can easily tell when they hit on seventh.  I almost always have to pay them off for one bet more usually getting such good odds around 10-1 but still sometimes I make the tight hero folds.  MTT's are going ok.  Lots of bubbles and mincashes and now more final tables.  However that is just because I haven't been putting in the volume needed to do this consistently.  So that is that, however I have been trying to work on the mental side of my game.  Making every right decision and causing my opponents to make wrong decisions.  Somedays I'm on it and somedays I am not.  I really need to get back into the swing of things about hand discussion and posting on the forums more.  I have been slacking at this ever since I got back from Vegas but it was really helping my game along and I should get back into the habit of more study.


Lastly I think I might take the Black Badge course after Christmas and in Febuary.   Pretty much it is course shooting with a handgun.  The course is monitored by the IPSC I think or international practical shooters association.  It would just be something to do and add another feather in my cap.  Plus then I could go to competitions and whatnot for practical shooting.  Which is either seeing who can run around a course and hit all the targets the best in the fastest time.  There are also other types of challenges like talking on the phone, putting it down, getting your gun loading it and then shooting.  I think this would be much more fun than the straight up olympic style events that seem kind of weird.  Anyways just thought it would be something challenging to try and accomplish.  I figure I might as well get all my survival skills ready for the craziness that will be the 2012 apocalypse.  Just kidding, however I still think it would be fun and a challenge.  Plus who doesn't want to be able to say they are a black badge.  Anyways thats all for now so have a great Christmas season and remember what its all about which is being happy and giving what you can to others. 

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