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Date Posted: Sep. 18, 5:30pm, 2 Comments

Well things again are wrapping up for another year here on the farm.  We have finished harvest thank goodness for another year.  It is also about time to put the sprayer away for another year.  So luckily for me that means I really just have some wrap up work to finish up and a pretty long fall for subsequent activities outdoors.  Hopefully I can think of a small adventure to go on.  There is something exciting though happening in my life but I'll wait for a couple more details to get hashed out before I go public with the information.  However hopefully by the end of this week I'll be able to let everyone know whats happening.  


Harvest went as well as could be expected.  We had a couple of unfortunate problems with our new equipment but the problems were not confined to just us so that always makes me feel better.  It always makes me feel better though as well that the work done will be on warranty.  As far as yields went the durum ran over expectation around 52 bu./ac. but the mustard under performed at around 18 bu./ac.  but all in all it turned out to be an ok year.


I had loaded up my mp3 player though with as many poker podcasts I could muster and listened to hours of them within the last few days before I got down combining trying to prepare myself for the return to the tables.  I have noticed that my poker moods seem to cycle with the seasons.  When I get to start playing lots again I really like to play tournaments and PLO, something with a little more varaince and action.  But usually by the time the winter wears on me I am ready for either stud8 or O8.  The game with the least variance out there.  Especially in the limit format. We will have to see again  this year if my cycle continues.  However if I run hot in one game that would make me consider sticking with it for a longer period of time.


I do have some goals I am trying to set for this poker season.  One is to really work on my mental game and work ethic.  This is probably the biggest detractor from me being a losing player the last two seasons.  When I was a winner my mindset and work ethic was totally different.


Also I want to post more in the forums this winter.  I just always hate posting hands when it seems I am jumpinh between games too much.  I should just be way less self conscious in this area and just put the work in.  Also with the game being gone in the US right now I may try to snag a coach at a discount.  This would make me more accountable and maybe I'll get my ass in gear a little more.  I mean its all fine and well to be a recreational player the only problem with that is that they usually don't take the money home at the end of the night.  I need to find where my edge is and stick with it.  Not be so whiny and just win.  


Also I am still playing loads of backgammon and some chess as well.  My chess games sucks but I am getting some free coaching from a friend so hopefully that will help.  My backgammon game is really coming along and I may reach my goal of an 1800 rating by Christmas.  That will most likely depend on how many games I can get in by Christmas time.  I'll leave you all with that right now and hopefully everyone is still running good.  Oh yeah great to hear about the PC league keeping going on Mint.  Zimba always does a great job getting value for the members hear even in such a tough climate right now in the poker industry so my hat is off to him once again.  Also Ross if your reading this you need to cross post here more often.  And remember you can all follow me on twitter at jpeterson007  Somedays I have some funny things to say but mostly its just farming and poker talk.  

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