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Date Posted: November 15th, 2011 (9:27am)

Well sportsfans it has been almost two months since my last blog entry and it that time my life has definitely changed making it one of the busier two months in my life.  Now when I say busy I mean all around busy.  Farm work busy to me is not the same as general life busy because when the farm work is done I can usually take some time off or sleep without worry for a few days to catch up on that rest.  Those days seem to be gone now.  For the last two months I made a deal and moved into a new house.  This has come with many new issues that I never have had to worry about before.  In a way though it has helped all of my general trades skills in one way or another.  I have did lots of carpentry, finishing, work with a little plumbing and electrical thrown in.  So I guess knowledge is power and I can successfully do some more things that a I couldn't before.  Even though it still takes me a little longer in general to get these things done.  Add the that the fact that I now have to look after 100% of the housework, laundry, cooking, and general tidiness of the place it has added up to becoming a busy time.  At that I am still working and trying to do as much as possible in all other areas of my life.  Hopefully it all turns out in the long run for me to live a much more fullfilling existence.  


The other thing I have also been working with is being a more involved member of the community.  I really want to spend as much time on the curling ice this year just to see how much up and down my knee can take before it internally swells up to the point where I can't do anything.  Well the most obvious thing to do it seemed was become a coach for different levels in our community.  So I found the closest clinic and took a couple days to get my Club Coach training.  I will probably try to get my level two within the next two years and then I would be capable of taking teams very close to the elite level with that certification.  The highest level right now is a level 3 and that involves taking a weekend course at UofS, maybe they have one at UofR too.  I would need a specific team at that point though that would need me to get to that level.  Mind you once you get there sometimes the elite teams come looking for you.  Anyways my plans for this year are to coach at the little rock, junior and senior level.  I think I am also scheduled in to have a couple of beginner adult clinics throughout the year.  So here is hoping to all that going as well.  I have my first couple games this week as well, and hopefull my team will be up for entering the skins game this weekend, and possibly put the hammer down to make a little scrilla over top of the entry fee.  Like usual my plan is this.  If I can skip a better game and keep things simple with better strategy it should be easier for my team to win.  Mind you things don't always work that way and I get way into a more complicated end than I should be.  But such is life and it all will be a great experience.  Hopefully I can get back into a nice competitive rythm though and maybe next season I'll be able to go competitive bonspieling for a year.


Of course I have tried to keep playing as much poker and backgammon as possible.  Sadly I haven't been able to play as much because I don't play when I don't feel like I will be able to play my best, and some nights I just know I'm going to suck because I'm tired from such a long day.  Just like the day I didn't shove pre with 88 and like 12 bb.  Though I won the hand I know I played it bad.  Oh well I know there are some guys from the US who are playing on Lock and Merge now I can chat with so that should make it much better.  Plus things are slowing down for me so I should be able to play a little more and study a little less.  I always get back to poker at some point, I just need to be able to play my A game.  Maybe it means I'm maturing and not throwing so much money away into bad situations just to play.  I'm making far too many mistakes and backgammon too.  Playing poorly and a little run bad and I've dropped 100 rating points in the last month.  Yesterday alone I lost three games by a pip or two.  That is very very frustrating.  I just need to stop rushing my plays however and all will be good.  So hopefully I can balance everything out now that it has finally started to get cold and get back to all of my passions.  



jpeterson007 Added 11/16/11 12:32pm
Ha ha well I wouldn't say I've made all good decisions in this but I can tell you about that later. My poker player instincts should have picked it up, or I was too excited to notice either way, live and learn. Well now that I have the coop guess I'll have to get the chicken
Zimba Added 11/16/11 11:02am
Sounds like you are making good decisions all around. Our Jay is all grown up now...hehe
RossG Added 11/15/11 2:15pm
Good updates. Good luck with the curling! Post some pics of some curling tail too ;) Keep on keepin on.
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