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Date Posted: October 18th, 2009 (2:10pm)

Tonight was a very special night for me. I had some of the greatest fun ever, but also added some essentials firsts for me with online poker.


It started out with "Stassi's Pool Party quot;, and by the way Stassi is a great hostess. In this game I got to play with a pro for the 1st time (Gabriela Hill). On top of that I actually won a hand against her.


I finished this game in 4th place and also got 4 KO's along the way. I was totally pumped. Before I finished out this game my Sharks Clan's game started, so I was flipping between games. Let me tell you, I have a hard time focusing on one game less alone two. LOL! So, "TheSharks Moonlight Attack" begins with a bang. I got my 1st quads. CHOMPPPPPP... Great bunch of people playing here too, and nothing to sneeze at during play. These are all good players (well in comparison to me, I believe it). Throughout the game I managed to pick up 3.5 additional KO's, so again, I'm in the money honey. LOL! Unfortunately, I ended the game being the "bubble girl" and watched the others move to the final table.


But this wasn't the end of it, because before leaving "TheSharks Moonlight Attack" game, I joined in my last game of the night with "2 Minutes 2 Midnite." I couldn't believe I remained solvent enough to continue on and ended ITM here as well. Finished in 14th place, but heck, a "Win is a Win", right...


It was a fabulous night, and I had to share this joy with all my Railbird and Shark Clan family. There are still a lot of firsts out there for me, but this has now been added to my 1st final table with my HPN game where I ended in 3rd place and ITM. Wonder if this qualifies as MTT? LOL! Still need to learn the fine art of screen flipping.


Good luck to all you out there looking for your 1st win. It doesn't always have to be a big win. The small things are the stepping stones to the stars. You are only limited by how you approach it. Stay positive and keep your eyes on your goals.

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