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Date Posted: Mar. 27, 11:57pm, 1 Comment

Wow, it is almost a year since i have blogged. Good & Bad news....I have decided to start blogging again, for I had sooo much fun doing it in the past about poker.  Since I don't really play online poker much, I don't see the purpose of writing my entries on here....Hopefully I decide to get another laptop so that I can get FTP on there, since it is not supported on my Powerbook G4. I know FTP, gay!


I miss RAZZ like crazy, but what am I gonna do???  For now I am trying to get back into the kick of blogging at least every other day about who knows what!  I guess you can say I am bored with life and I feel I need something else to occupy my time,  and I think having to organize pics, files, and entries.....will def do the trick for me.  What is she thinking?? 

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Date Posted: Apr. 15, 4:52pm, 2 Comments

Yes I have been completely and school have taken over my life.  Recently, I moved back to NORCAL and I am not loving it at all.  The last job I tried out was a total WTF is this and why is the work environment so bad!, but I am still busy working for Arden and Icon.  For those of you that do not know, my job in general is to make sure fragrances stay at the top 20 each week in all Northern California Macy's stores and exhaust all means to maintain whether it be recruiting for more sellers or changing marketing selling tactics for the brand.  (Brands include Juicy, Mariah Carey, Guess, John Varvatos, White Diamonds)   


I miss poker also.  I have a strong dislike for FTP now so I have been dabbling in Stars, so maybe I will be back, not likely though because I seem to get horrible connection with that site.  Sorry peeps,  from here on out, nothing about poker, in case you were hoping to read about opinions on poker.  The rest of the blog is related to ME...and some sci-fi.    


Other than that, my life is completely crazy, but I want a drastic change soon.   I am thinking about going back for law school, but I don't know about that either.  (and no I do not want to defend or prosecute murderers or anything like that.  I like real estate and I want to do transactions or sue)  


Yesterday I almost got into an accident, but karma was on my that day! I was in the lane next to the fast lane and to the right of me, the car was either going way to fast or didn't want to let another car merge in front of him, it slammed right into the merging car and then the merging car hit the car in front of it (which was stopped bc of traffic)  


It was super crazy because my sister was like "go! and I didn't bc the car in front of me was a chronic braker, but if I did, my car would of been a couple inches closer to the original car and they would have included me into the accident.  It was beyond crazy because you usually with accidents you here the SCREEECH, boom! (dane coke with the dodge and driveway joke) but this time it was just a crunch of metals and me hoping that I could get away before I get slammed into.  


Stuff like that ALWAYS happens to me.  I always seem to be saved "a second" before something.  That day my few seconds before was my constant habit of walking out the door, locking it, getting in my car, then going back in to go to the bathroom. I know I am a very obsessive compulsive.   


I have been watching V after work and I think I am addicted to it.  The idea of it is shockingly what I have always wondered about.  It is crazy, but what if that happened tomorrow??  Like, BAM, here we are, conspiracy theory people you are not crazy!  =)


I have been hearing buzzes about Firefly for a few years, but I was never interested until I read the wiki on it.  It instantly captured me...I am debating on whether to get the box set or watch it online where other sites have slanged it out. If you have seen it, let me know!  Here's the summary from wiki to get a little idea of what I like:  


The series is set in the year 2517, after the arrival of humans in a new star system, and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of Serenity, a "Firefly-class" spaceship. The ensemble cast portrays the nine characters who live on Serenity. Whedon pitched the show as "nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things".[2] The show explores the lives of people who fought on the losing side of a civil war who now make a living on the outskirts of the society, as part of the pioneer culture that exists on the fringes of their star system. In addition, it is a future where the only two surviving superpowers, the United States and China, fused to form the central federal government, called the Alliance, resulting in the fusion of the two cultures as well. According to Whedon's vision, "nothing will change in the future: technology will advance, but we will still have the same political, moral, and ethical problems as today."


I love the whole fusion idea of the two cultures and the whole 2517 date.  I want to watch it super bad, but I don't want it to be over since there is only one season.  That sucks!  


It's like the show Earth 2 that I am watching online.  It came out when I was busy making films and playing the clarinet back in HS, so it is a brand new show to me even if it is kinda out dated.  The point is, there was only ONE season and only about 20 something episodes.  I can't get myself to watch the last few because it will be OVER!  =(  


Has anyone seen that new Nike Tiger commercial?? Wow is all I can say...just don't!


Oh!  One thing about poker, I have been watching Poker After Dark on youtube and I think I am beginning to love Annette Obrestad.  It is crazy to know that she has won a 180-person tournament without looking at her whole cards!! 




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Date Posted: Nov. 27, 8:36pm, 6 Comments

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!  As usual, I made the normal 6 hour drive up California back to SJ....but this time it took me freaking almost 9 hours!!  I was stuck in traffic from LA all the way to the freaking I-5!  It was probably the most annoying drive ever, constant break and stop, felt like I was def going to get into an accident.  PLUS,  it was dark and everyone loves driving like they are blind when it's night time.  This year was the first year with no HAM!  I love ham too.  Oh well xmas.  =)  


Here are some pics of the night.....

Hanging out in the family room. COD/bomberman/halo

Sisters: number 4, number 1, number 3, number 2 

Tony and Me = Oldest of the 3rd generation 

Hanging at the bar... shot of Lucid ...


Anyways, since I am at home I can't play much poker bc they are not fans at all.  LOL.  Can't wait till I go back down south again. Since I have been home though....I finally got to finish the other half of the movie was very good.  I liked it, it was very fast, but that's the point.  I also saw the first episode of CAPRICA was amazing.  lol.  I know, I am a huge huge huge BSG fan.  I can't wait for the upcoming episodes of CAPRICA, since BSG is no more, and the movie The Plan....wasn't all that great.  Caprica was two freaking hours.....but then it leaves you hanging because the season will not air until freaking January 2010.  eh!  Other than that, I am about to go eat again! 




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Date Posted: Nov. 23, 10:46pm, 3 Comments

Wow, it's been forever since I have actually blogged or even put something on I decided to start up again.  Lately, I have been playing poker, but also going to class. NOT FUN.  Thanksgiving is in a couple days so I am super excited to go back home and have that nice dinner.  I have 3 younger sisters so we all do different things when it comes down to the day.  I am the one that comes 6 hours away, so my job is to arrive.  =)  The youngest one, who is still in HS, her job is to clean and she hates we have to pay her. The other two do the cooking....I help by standing around drinking and eating, maybe do a little chopping or what not...but they honestly don't even want me to touch the food.  FINE WITH ME!  Anyways, hope everyone has a great thanksgiving.  It's my favorite holiday. 


I played in a 4 week NLHE league...



THIRD PLACE: $10 was pretty fun....I was pretty mad I didn't "take" one, but w/e, can't say I didn't try though, gunners are impossible to beat!  haha.  I made sure to make enough points each week to lock up at least 1, 2, or 3rd....AND....I knew what I had to do each time coming in.  Although I felt like the underdog the whole way, I showed them who the champion was.  =)  ME,ME,ME!


Round 1:  I felt great!  Got a feel of the players and basically knew the only way to take this down was to play like I suck and have no idea what I am doing. 


Round 2:  Bad beats everywhere.  W/E.  Was over the league.  Then I started playing in games with some of the other league peeps and payed more low buyins to build more confidence, like how I play in free rolls.  ( I play so different when I have money, even 10 cents on the line...and I am slowly getting over that...finally!)


Round 3:  Knew if I either got top 5, I would have a chance to cash...since there weren't many people and there was only 1 round left.  I was pretty confident I could take it, all I had to do was get top 3 in the next piece of cake baby.  I became CL quick, took out one or two, but then when it came down to 4, I just didn't know how to manage my stack and kept wasting it away.  My finish was disappointing, but I still had Round 4.


Round 4:  I was scared I have to admit going in.  I knew I had to get 1,2,3 to at least get top 3 in the league...but other people had to lose for me to also win.  The way everyone played was I made sure to only play good hands and never bluff....(bc lets face it, these guys will call me down with nothing every time no matter what..which made it tricky, playing A or K was very hard!)  I took out the CL which felt very I was on a roll, ready to win it.  I felt it.  THen I get in trouble with my 99 vs. AK.  Yeah of course he rivers the King.  Keep in mind that I raised before the flop, he reraised, I re-reraised all in.  =) Just nod and smile baby.  


Anyways, that tilted me like no other.  So....I was on double tilt, from being crippled to 200 chips and from the smack talk of disrespect.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Oh well, I wasn't giving up without a fight though.  I managed to climb back up to 1200 or so, but dropped back down and eventually got knocked out 3rd.  At that point, you can see that I needed FundelMental to win...and HE DID....for me to be the league Champion. $30!!!  hee hee.  I am pretty happy about it.  I know, if more people played, my chances of winning would have been different, but they didn't and I won!  Here's the leader board to see the running. 



On another note, I am happy to have made FINAL TABLE in the last two Poker Curious free rolls! Cant' wait till I take one down, but FT will do for now.  



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Date Posted: Nov. 8, 2:53am, 1 Comment

Yes Yes and Yes.

This was quite the grind.  I wanted the 2 bucks real real bad.  =)

Man oh man, I love razz.  I get it a lot more than hold em.....weird?? 


razz 2 cash


My stack was legit the whole way.  I didn't struggle for the TOP 27 of 2400. (it was nice not to be the one shaking in my boots at the bubble)  Anyways, I went all in with the best hand, but of course typical....paired my low cards and lost...out 18th....gave myself a pat on the shoulder for that...Anyways, today was a great day for poker.  I didn't take down any tournaments yet...that is next...but for now, FT and cashing it is. .... ... ... ..



My winnings for TODAY!  Cents moving on to dollars...  .10/1.00/100/1000/10000 GOALS baby! 

Hopefully tomorrow is just as fun.  Sunday is a big tournament day too! Can't wait for next week....I am in some leagues and I would like to take those down.  =)  Had a super fun time playing today with SycoSteve, jaykedog, buzzmania, thejuanupsman, etc.  Later gunners...till next week! 

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Date Posted: Nov. 8, 12:39am, 0 Comments

Another appearance here.  I am really loving this new 7 game thing. =)  I see pretty much the same people everyday and have made it to the final table with the same people.....especially....


THEJUANUPSMAN : you final table destroyer!


Anyways, here is is, for me to document....I want to get 1, 2, or 3 !! Final table yay.....won a measly 1.99 for my 10 I guess that is okay....I did so well the whole time.  When it was final 10, I didn't even realize the tournament went so fast! That was my killer though, the second I realized I might make FT, I started playing scared.  Kicked myself hard for that...noted for next time....=)  




I am officially addicted to mixed games. =)



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Date Posted: Nov. 7, 9:29pm, 2 Comments

Hey there peeps.. Just wanted to post my recent tiny cash....

I like the heads up shootout format....was kinda fun, just didn't like waiting for the games to finish.

I will probably try out another soon. =)  

Last knock out was brutal for me.  I had AA vs 44.  He flopped a 4. =) 



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Date Posted: Oct. 31, 5:45pm, 3 Comments

I have been playing the FTP Weekly for $1 and I love it.  Finally made it to the FT. Warming up for the FTOPS XIV Warm Up tomorrow!!!  (NOV 1 @15:05) I am determined to cash in that tournament.  I played the 1.10 satellite to win my entry!  Look out for my cash shot!  




A little bit later into the day, I played in the OTK league and managed to place 2nd.  I was put on hardcore tilt when only 3 of us were left and 1 guy was sitting out with only 200 chips left.  Every all in was checked down, but the person sitting out managed to win over 10 times!  It was driving me crazy.  =) W/E.  I won back my buy-in ($1.50) plus a little more so I am happy, since I bought into the PC tournament today, but wasn't able to return back in time to play.  WASTE.  Till next week! Happy Halloween to all and don't get too much candy! 


otk cash

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Date Posted: Oct. 16, 10:35pm, 1 Comment


Hee hee!!  I was super duper happy with this hand.  I usually do not play NLHE ring cames b/c i always lose, but not this hand baby! =)  BB 24, nice. haha. 



ring game win



Full Tilt Poker Game #15387194787: Table Alina (6 max) - $0.01/$0.02 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:18:53 ET - 2009/10/16

Seat 1: hcajr ($0.63)

Seat 2: j-cla ($3.22)

Seat 3: TaYo27 ($0.90)

Seat 4: Jimmcc1 ($0.78)

Seat 5: crcamposz ($0.49)

Seat 6: teenetheasian ($1.52)

TaYo27 posts the small blind of $0.01

Jimmcc1 posts the big blind of $0.02

The button is in seat #2

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to teenetheasian [Ks Kc]

crcamposz has 15 seconds left to act

crcamposz calls $0.02

teenetheasian raises to $0.09

hcajr folds

j-cla folds

TaYo27 folds

Jimmcc1 calls $0.07

crcamposz calls $0.07

*** FLOP *** [4s Kd 2d]

Jimmcc1 checks

crcamposz bets $0.02

teenetheasian calls $0.02

Jimmcc1 raises to $0.04

crcamposz calls $0.02

teenetheasian calls $0.02

*** TURN *** [4s Kd 2d] [As]

Jimmcc1 has 15 seconds left to act

Jimmcc1 bets $0.08

crcamposz raises to $0.16

teenetheasian raises to $0.96

Jimmcc1 calls $0.57, and is all in

crcamposz has 15 seconds left to act

crcamposz folds

crcamposz adds $0.20

teenetheasian shows [Ks Kc]

Jimmcc1 shows [4h 2c]

Uncalled bet of $0.31 returned to teenetheasian

*** RIVER *** [4s Kd 2d As] [5d]

teenetheasian shows three of a kind, Kings

Jimmcc1 shows two pair, Fours and Twos

teenetheasian wins the pot ($1.74) with three of a kind, Kings

Jimmcc1 is sitting out

*** SUMMARY ***

Total pot $1.86 | Rake $0.12

Board: [4s Kd 2d As 5d]

Seat 1: hcajr didn't bet (folded)

Seat 2: j-cla (button) didn't bet (folded)

Seat 3: TaYo27 (small blind) folded before the Flop

Seat 4: Jimmcc1 (big blind) showed [4h 2c] and lost with two pair, Fours and Twos

Seat 5: crcamposz folded on the Turn

Seat 6: teenetheasian showed [Ks Kc] and won ($1.74) with three of a kind, Kings


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Date Posted: Oct. 16, 2:46am, 4 Comments

I finally cashed in the $100 RAZZ FREE ROLL !!

I have been playing .05/.10 razz on ftp and I love love love it.  

I would play lower, but they do not. 

I also like to play because MANDY B is playing the low stakes a lot now, and its fun to sit with her. 

Anyways, just wanted to document my finish!  =)  

Next is HORSE and OMAHA HI...or did i already cash in omaha....idk...


razz win

FREE to $2 dollars baby...but what a grind it was!  The blinds got up to 10K...still with one lefet to go out, I was getting pretty worried I wasn't even going to cash with all the freaking work I put in, BUT I DID BABY. =) 

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