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Date Posted: August 22nd, 2009 (4:43am)

Sorry for the delay been a little busy. Rex turn your eyes right now cause I wouldnt treat you like this.


The panty deal lands in someone elses hands and Frank and I look at each other "Shhhhit looks like we aint getting married next"  Frank says. We just laugh and head directly to the bar. At this point everyone is ready to party their brains out but the only problem is we have been doing this for the last 8 hours. We are happy that we finally got the whole place rocking so we keep drinking with everyone. We all hit the dance floor and I feal like im Usher with a slash of Flo Rida in my blood. We all take different paths and are all grinding the shit out of different girls, which immediately gets old because our attention spans are about as long as that of a kid with attention deficet disorder.


So we head back to the bar to have one more shot and this is when shit gets wild. We all immidately head back to the dance floor, Frank heads out to his car and grabs his ipod. We are all dancing then i see Frank push the DJ away and plug in his own ipod. (who the fuck has ever moved the DJ out of the way to get your own ipiod in play)Next thing i know the place is rocking with SHWAYZEEEE. We all start freaking with every girl possible cause we cant belive that Frank got this shit on. Im just dancing with this little girl that looks solid to me (pictures later confirmed she was hot) while jack and frank are getting after it with pretty decent girls. All the sudden the music stops and everyone is stunned. "Time to go home" the dj says. Frank, Jack, and I look at each other like Rob Nen just blew a 3 run lead. "Thats impossible, lets go next door and party" I yell.


On my way out the door i see the DJ still with the microphone and all of the party there. My blacked out mind just thinks wow this could be fun. I run up there and grab the mic and yell "is there time for one more speech?" At this point frank comes and tackles me to get the mic out of my hand. Little did the party know that the bride and I had hooked up more than  Jenna Haze in her recent "I"ll blow everyone that walks" sereis  . . So Frank saved this party huuuuuuuuuuuuuugeeee.


We all head next door to the only other bar on the mountain. We are all as drunk as you can get. I head in drunk as a scorpoin and head in to the bar and immediately find the girl from earlier. We just start  making out  like we had never been seperated . I turn and look at Frank and hes giving the sumo wrestler I described in blog 2  the tie trick. If you dont know what that is its "Hey do you know why a guy wears a tie to the bar?" the girl always will say "why" and you say pull on it. She pulls on it and  as she pulls in you start making out with her. So looking over at this makes me realize we are in for the night of our life. Frank usually pulls 8's to 9's and hes making out with a sumo wrestler that doesnt even register on my scale. I am laughing so fucking hard but keep dancing.


Sorry this story is longer than first realized pt. 5 too be continued............

XPOKERCHIC Added 8/22/09 12:42pm
Oh my god, how can you top this wedding story. There is some crazy things going on in that brain of yours. LMAO till I started crying. Can't wait for the next part. X
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