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Date Posted: April 15th, 2011 (10:11pm)

Today was a turbulent day in the poker world as everyone reacted to the news of the U.S. indictment of PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute's owners and the impact it will have on the poker world as the sites are blocked from U.S. access with the resulting funds access issues.

I have been around for days like this before.

UIGEA was announced.
Party Poker was once the Stars of the poker world and left suddenly.
3. Neteller and other major funds movement facilitators was no longer an option.
4. UIGEA was implemented

Each time, after a period of uncertainty, the flow returned to poker.

Turbulence is a state of mind. No matter how much things are moving around, at any particular moment in time you are still at one point. If you live in the moment, you simply must allow the motion to take its course.

Certainly having experience with surviving prior turbulence helps. While venting and worrying may feel a proper reaction in the moment, it rarely serves much purpose.

Your energies are better spent adapting to your new place.

Poker players and the poker world are a resilient lot. We adapt to changing games, game dynamics, and even big shifts in the environment that may results from today's events. We are a river of passionate poker playing people. Obstacles may occur spraying us in chaotic directions for short periods of time, but the gravity of our purpose re-unites us in our desire to play a fun game that should be legal for any person on the planet.

At various times in my life I have been arrested, nearly thrown in prison, black-mailed, threatened and sued. Each time I accepted their aggression and tried to keep a cool head to try to find a solution to minimize the damage. You can't control the aggression of others, but you can keep your wits to respond in the best way possible to avoid any possible escalation. While their aggression can seriously inconvenience or harm you, if you are able to react positively and adapt, you can find a solution that will return the flow back to your life.

Like Bruce Lee once said "Be water, my friend."

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