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Date Posted: July 23rd, 2010 (5:49pm)
Randy Pausch once said "When you don't get what you want, what you get is experience."  The older you get, the more experience you accumulate. It often isn't the type of experience you would have predicted. Your lifetime may be filled with moments that veered in a direction different than what you would have preferred.  The question then becomes how to handle this experience.  Does it make you bitter and angry?  Does it make you hopeful or inspired to overcome it? 
I've spoken previously about my typical negative early results in most of my poker sessions.  My extensive experience has created a confidence that I can remain calm and persevere to overcome the deficits. I have also become resigned to the fact I continue to run below my expected EV.  With rakeback and decent play, I am able to register positive if significantly lesser results. 
I often joke that I act as a life guru to some in the poker community. The reality is the last several years I've been in a concentrated period of acquiring a lot of life experience.  More crudely said, I haven't been getting what I want.  I choose to face the hurdles and obstacles undeterred from my goals.  I may or may not achieve them, as that is beyond my complete control, but my attitude as I face them is.
Any serious poker player of note will gain tremendous experience at the table.  They will see multitudes of disappointments and frustrations.  A poker career is rarely a linear affair.  How will you handle the eventual downswings and negative results?  How do you use the experience you acquire in the poker world?  If your ultimate poker goals are out of your control, how will you navigate the poker world with the experience you attain?
XPOKERCHIC Added 7/23/10 7:54pm
Very nice post. Experience is the key. I read and play as much about poker as I can. I still need more experience because I can't afford a coach. X
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