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Date Posted: September 5th, 2010 (7:52pm)

What is the purpose of advertising?


  • To increase sales by attract new buyers or luring back former customers.
  • To build brand awareness and define an identity.
  • To introduce new products, changes or special offers.
  • To carry out public relations or public service (e.g. BP ads since their spill)

Wandering around the net this weekend, I stumbled on this series of poker room ads that I found a bit perplexing. They are three years old, but I hadn't seen them previously. After watching the series, I was left wondering if they accomplished any of the above goals. The sense of humor was so edgy and perplexing that I wondered what audience they were after.

Decide for yourself in the "Good Poker Players Always..." series:


XPOKERCHIC Added 9/6/10 2:32pm
The first and the last video was the only ones that made sense. The others gee whiz. X
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