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Date Posted: September 15th, 2009 (6:59pm)

Scene by scene, the scenario was similar.

My life was in jeopardy.

I was on the run.

Someone wanted to take my life, any life.

I didn't know why. It didn't matter.

He was close, but I would elude him.

First he was an unknown assassin.

Then he was a terrorist and rogue element.

Later I learned he thought of himself as a freedom fighter.

He fought for his own sense of justice and freedom.

His end goal, my life.

Every sense I had felt alive as I escaped his goal.

I needed to remain one step ahead, to parry his every thrust.

I reveled in my decisions.

At times, he would gain on me, but I would regain my distance.

Just when he thought he had me, I would escape.

In the moment, I felt superior, but never smug.

It could all end in one move.

I battled for my life with every fiber of my existence.  Nothing else mattered.

It was he or I.  Would I prevail?

...It may have been a dream, but as I load up my next table, it may be my reality.  Good luck at the tables.

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