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Date Posted: September 9th, 2009 (3:23pm)

Isn't that the expected line we hear from the alien as they land in a strange new world? They want to establish that they are not a threat.  They may look different, act different, speak different, but their intentions are good.  They want to get along, co-habitate and see what they can learn from each other.

For much of my life, this is how I have felt.  I had an interesting childhood where I lived in several African countries, in international communities, and was exposed to many different cultures.  When I returned back to the US when I was 10, a part of me never fit in.  I never understood the 'baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet' American perspective.  I didn't embrace a lot of the values and perspectives of my peers.  In my formative teen and college years I learned not to share the parts of myself that others couldn't relate to easily.  That strategy worked for my post college African travels and experiences as well.

In fact, if I scan my 42 years, there have been relatively few times that I have truly connected with others to a point where I felt that I was talking to a fellow alien from my home planet.  I know they are out there.  I know I'm not alone.  I know lots of people feel this way too.  They just happen to be from another solar system from mine.

The different perspectives show up in a variety of areas; financial, emotional, relational, communication styles, intensity, dedication, even sex.  When not on your home world, you have to constantly compromise to interact and survive.  I don't mind being different, as long as I'm not overly judged.  Otherwise, the natural choice is to keep it hidden.  It's what most of us do.  But like most people, I just want to be myself and live in peace. I have a desire to connect.  I share that with you humans.

RossG Added 9/9/09 6:34pm
Gotta love South park for alienated lines too lol with the Goths... 1) I am so non conformists I'm not even going to conform with you non comformists... 2) Stan to the goths "so what do I need to do to join your group?" Goths to Stan "All you have to do is dress like us and listen the same music as us" lol
RossG Added 9/9/09 6:27pm
Also, interesting that Jack Dog Welch's quote of the day is on a similar theme... avoiding being alienated!
RossG Added 9/9/09 6:25pm
Have you ever read 'The Boy in the Long Blue Blazer'? Def buy this and read to your kids (tho they may be too old for it now). Great book with similar theme.
Zimba Added 9/9/09 6:19pm
Are you saying you don't have these things that come out your ears, that get all tingly?...LOL. The blog is more an allegorical attempt to relate the challenges in connecting with others who don't share your perspective.
PCMark Added 9/9/09 6:05pm
So would you like to explain the Alien perspective on sex? :)
RossG Added 9/9/09 6:02pm
Awesome post. My favourite blog post I have read in years actually. Seriously. Going to add to my fav motivational / inspirational quotes I think.
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