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Date Posted: January 18th, 2010 (4:06pm)

My son turned 11 this past week.  On Sunday, we invited another family that has two boys around his age to join us for some Laser Tag, then pizza and cake back at our house.  I've played maybe 6 sessions before, but I rocked it out, crushing all the grandpas, new moms, and over stimulated teens.  It's pretty difficult to come out on top out of 36 and 34 players back to back, though, because it's such a frenetic, haphazard setting.  There are supposed to be 3 distinct teams, but many people wander aimlessly with no team concept.  It's not something I do regularly, but it was good family fun for all ages. 

Laser Tag scores

XPOKERCHIC Added 1/18/10 8:16pm
Not anything close by here to do Laser Tag, but we got putt-putt. LOL. Great to have fun with the family. X
RossG Added 1/18/10 5:12pm
LOL, awesome. Used to love this game when I was younger but they all closed down a while ago. Maybe you should run your stats through Laser Tag Tracker, plug your leaks where you can. Your accuracy has improved as increasing your tags while reducing shots fired lol. However, you got smoked more often too. Lol, just messing. Sounds like it was a blast.
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