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Date Posted: May 21st, 2010 (3:01pm)

Ever since the 2007 Rob Reiner movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, the concept of creating a Bucket List (what you want to do before kicking the bucket) has become quite popular. I have seen several live poker themed Bucket Lists, but I thought it would be fun to present one for the online poker world.  It isn't necessarily my personal list, but more of a dozen highlights from an ultimate online poker Bucket List.  Leave your suggestions and additions in the comments.

1. Win a low buy-in satellite package to some exotic tournament (e.g. SnowFest, Monte Carlo, Macau or some exotic tropical destination).

2. Win a 180 man SNG without looking at my hole cards.

3. Become a Supernova Elite and buy a Porsche with my winnings.

4. Have a massive photoshop thread about me on twoplustwo.

5. Build the ultimate home computer poker set up with a wall of monitors and kicking speakers.

6. Play Ziigmund while we're both drunk, and beat him, berating him in the chat box.

7. Have my very own custom avatar on Full Tilt.

8. Win the WCOOP ME, SCOOP ME, or FTOPS ME while sitting in the lobby of some foreign resort hotel with 50 poker players railing and rooting me on.

9. Win one of the massive bad beat jackpots on UB with four Aces to a Royal Flush.

10. Win an online prop bet with Mike Matusow or Phil Hellmuth where the loser has to wear a 'dunce' costume throughout the WSOP ME. 

11. Learn to 24 table profitably.

12. Play Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, and Durrrr at 500/1000 simultaneously.

XPOKERCHIC Added 5/24/10 10:30am
To be the first women to win the WSOP Main Event. X
Ksusha Added 5/22/10 12:11pm
I'm thinking, the bad beat jackpots on UB with four Aces to a Royal Flush is most realistic thing what we can get... ;)
JackDogWelch Added 5/22/10 10:37am
I might add... taking down Isidur1's entire bankroll - when it's huge. Perhaps winning a seat on Poker After Dark. Then taking down a table filled by Ivey, Dwan, Assassinato, Negraneu and Doyle.
Zimba Added 5/21/10 6:04pm
luz - It is not a contest and no one is required to comment. I simply invited members to contribute their ideas of what they would put on an ultimate online poker Bucket List.
luzmarin7 Added 5/21/10 4:31pm
Zimba hello, hey you're going to excuse this time Zimba but the truth is I do not understand the reason for the blog, in which bone is a contest or a space in which you or we are going to put something. thank you very much. ATT:: Luz Marina (luzmarin7)
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