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Date Posted: June 28th, 2009 (6:01pm)

Today, I'm attending the Portland Poker Championships.  They are being held at the Copper Monkey restaurant and bar in Beaverton, Oregon. There are 79 players entered for a prize pool of about $16,000.  It is being filmed to be prepared for Pokerstars TV.  Poker Curious will be working with the sponsor, West Side Portland Poker Club on some upcoming promotions for their members and ours.  It got off to a late start due to set up issues with the film and lighting crew.  It is a deep stacked event with lots of play in it.  Play will go deep into the night to determine a winner.


It is an interesting cross section of people.  As the hours roll on, I may blog about some interesting aspects of the tournament. 


An older woman has this t-shirt on...."You don't need balls to play hold'em, but it sure helps to hold the nuts!"


The TV hostess, her first time around poker, on her first called all in hand in front of the cameras 'hey, he has a pocket full of aces".



XPOKERCHIC Added 6/29/09 11:30am
LOL having fun sounds like. X
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