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Date Posted: October 27th, 2011 (10:59am)

This week's Social Director column "Twitter Conversation, Define "Fish" shares an extended exchange that occurred on Twitter a few days ago discussing the media and poker industry use of the word. The conversation demonstrates that Twitter can be more than selfish promotions and snarky comments.

On another related note, Klout, the Twitter influence rating service, rolled out a major change in their scoring algorithm that caused significant shifts to most people's scores. The new scoring seems to weight your influence on Facebook more than your influence on Twitter. It got a lot of people worked up who have focused on building their Twitter influence and who have reliably used Klout as the standard metric for gauge and refining their expanding social network. It demonstrated to me once again how poorly some companies manage change through a lack of transparency and poor communication. As Cole South replied "see: Netflix." Exactly. People see through when a business isn't straight with their customers. The companies ultimately take a step backwards when they intended to take one forward, if they don't adequately factor their customers and their perceptions into the changes.

(Note - For those with some extra time and interest in the reaction to Klout's changes, read some of the hundreds of constructive comments left on the Klout blog announcement of their changes.)

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