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Date Posted: March 14th, 2010 (4:49pm)

I was up late last night working on some projects for my merge partners at Poker Curious.  They have an ambitious agenda and I'm assisting their sites, while they will push along mine.  I'm not sure if it was staying up late to work or the time change, but today my brain is fuzzy and unfocused.  I may not get a lot of project work done today, we'll see. 

I wanted to share this electronic group from NYC that I stumbled on last night - Ratatat.  They create some great grooves, that kept me energized for hours.  Interestingly, some fans have played their songs backward and they sound just as good.  It's an interesting concept that is obviously easier to appreciate with electronic music with no lyrics.  I included one of the several examples I found at the bottom.






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