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Date Posted: July 24th, 2010 (5:30pm)
Living in Oregon, with our mild weather and long gray season, the typical Oregonian is quite pale.  This weekend I’m visiting family in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The first three days have been broiling, with it being 105, 108, and today 111 degrees. We have had family water outings to a pool and a nearby lake with a beach.  Despite putting on 30 PF sunscreen, I’ve been getting burned.  I don’t have a base and the long hours in the water seem to make it worse.
At some point at the pool today, family members were asking about my recent Vegas trip, and also making fun of me for some unrelated story I told.  I immediately thought of the necessity of having thick skin to handle other people’s criticisms. Like my pale skin, the thought occured that if you don’t have a base built up, your will find yourself overly sensitive to their comments.  If you are unaccustomed to criticism, you are less likely to deflect it or handle it well.  It is something that comes with practice.  Thick skin is something that comes with effort and work.  I recommend building up a good base if you are going to be in long and repeated exposure to the harsh elements.
JackDogWelch Added 7/26/10 6:23pm
I am an Oregonian, who moved to Florida. For the sun, I recommend long pants, long sleeved shirts and a hat. Re criticism - if not coming from my mother or my wife - I ignore it.
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