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Date Posted: December 23rd, 2009 (1:39pm)

In light of the recent ongoing discussions surrounding high stakes poker, I thought I would lay out my top 10 poker pipe dreams for 2010.  I fully expect none of them to be realized in the calendar year, but you can't blame a guy for dreaming.

I wish...

1. to level the playing field.  Either all players can have access to all hand histories they want directly from the sites they play on or alternatively all players would be restricted to only access their own HH's.  Datamining sites like PTR and HSDB would be shut down.
2. that all players are automatically given rakeback if a site offers it, regardless of when or how they signed up.
3. that the poker sites invest the same energy and resources into player rules explanation, security and fraud issues that they do on marketing and recruitment.
4. that poker players don't hate on those that have success.  Spend that energy on your own attempts to achieve that success.
5. that poker players that do achieve a high level of success express it humbly, appreciative for the good fortune they have had.
6. that all poker forum posters focus on the issues in the post rather than personal attacks on the people making the posts.
7. that the general public realize that poker is a game of skill, with a significant component of luck and not the other way around.  Poker is a competitive game that isn't inherently good or bad.
8. that poker players realize that there are many definitions of success or how to achieve it.
9. that the general public learn that most of the best poker players in the world play online.
10. that online poker becomes licensed, regulated and fully restored as a legitimate right of every citizen to play.

RossG Added 12/29/09 9:14pm
Cake network prohibit datamining by having a special agreement with PokerTracker where opponents hands cannot be tracked. You can only track your own hands. They also allow players to change their screennames on a weekly basis. I also though David Bennefield's idea of having no screennames was an interesting one, all you would see is a stack size... but I guess then it makes it to maths based, i.e. can't set people up in tournaments as well as you can now etc. I agree though with your sentiment to have all datamining sites closed down.
gryphin9 Added 12/24/09 11:39pm
All good points hope the PPA pushes some of these in a lobbying effort in Washington.
ebert19 Added 12/23/09 7:11pm
JackDogWelch Added 12/23/09 3:04pm
Amen, brother!!
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