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Date Posted: May 17th, 2009 (9:23pm)

One of the goals of Poker Curious is to be responsive to our member's wants and needs within the poker world.  Earlier this week, one of our first members suggested that we add a page on poker player's Twitter addresses.    He follows a number of well known poker celebrities and felt it would have value to a lot of people. 


Honestly, I hadn't embraced the Twitter trend.  I've enjoyed blogging regulary for the last couple years because it was a medium that you could express yourself with some depth.  Twitter seemed to me to be like cotton candy as far as intellectual thought goes.  After spending the last few days on Twitter, I have both reinforced that belief and realized that most people haven't learned how to fully utilize it.  I think that the forced brevity and it's wide audience access causes people to dumb down their tweets.  In many respects it feels similar in tone to 'the wall' comments you find on social networking sites that have no personality or depth to them. 


There are some situations that tweeting works well in the poker world.  It can be a great way to update your progress when playing a tournament.  People want to hear regular quick updates of chipstacks, important hands, and overall progress.  It can work well as a quick announcement or shout out.  It can act as a sort of mass marketing texting tool.  For instance, I created the PokerCurious Twitter address to share some of the features, content and news on our site. 


It can work well as part of a narrative if you consistently tweet.  Similarly to blogging, regularity of tweets makes a big difference.  Having some thematic continuity also helps.  Unfortunately, marketers have also learned about Twitter and can spam aggressively.  You have to manage who you follow.  If someone follows a ton of people, but has very few followers, that's usually a sign they are spamming.


We have decided to create a new page on Poker Curious that will list all the poker personalities who you might want to follow.  While many of them haven't fully realized its potential, it is a new technology that will grow with time.  I hope to roll out the new page within the next couple weeks.  Feel free to follow if you want to follow our progress.

Zimba Added 5/18/09 1:35pm
You are not alone, on the list I compiled this weekend of all the poker personalities that I could find, over half have yet to tweet regularly or figure out a coherent reason to do so.
JackDogWelch Added 5/18/09 1:20pm
My wife would be the first to admit, I'm not the brightest crayon in the tool box. I made my initial tweet & seem incapable of making an update. That's the trouble with geezers going high tech. I am following you though.
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