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Date Posted: May 11th, 2009 (9:35am)

What better way to begin my blogging at Poker Curious than to explain... why Poker Curious?  For nearly two years, I lived and breathed the community and business of CardRunners as their Operations Manager.  When I departed in February 2008, my entrepreneurial desire was to address those areas in the poker world that I had yet to find myself.  That is one of the fundamental principals of creating any new business.  Identify a need that is underserved and address it in a novel fashion.


What were the areas that I saw as needing a new approach?


1. People on poker forums everywhere often ask similar questions time and again because everyone is at a different point on their poker learning curve.

2. People are very busy and appreciate the convenience of having information at their fingertips.

3. People who may never aspire to be high stakes players still have a real passion for the culture of poker. 

4. People often feel intimidated and lost in trying to evaluate all their important poker options.  While people want to make their own decisions, they appreciate constructive and informative advice as they consider those options.

5. People enjoy connecting with each other around a shared passion.  They want to be part of something bigger.  They want to express themselves in a supportive environment.


These five areas of need were all incorporated in the concept of Poker Curious.  We sought to be a comprehensive source for poker information, culture and community.  We created a number of features to address these five areas.


1. Poker Curious has developed a database of easily searchable commonly asked questions and answers in poker.  We display the 10 most often viewed questions on our home page or you can View More Questions to get to the heart of the questions and answers database.  Whenever you don't find an answer you are looking for you have the option to submit your own question to the Poker Curious staff for further research and eventual addition to the database.  Each content page has its own individual page searche, or you can access the powerful site wide Search that organizes and presents many types of information.


2. Poker Curious has organized and rated hundreds of poker sites within 25 poker specific categories.  To save you even more time, we have made the most popular category pages 'favoritable', forwarding them to your custom My Favorites page for easy viewing.


3. Poker Curious shares your love for poker culture.  We have deeply researched well known poker player Blogs, Podcasts, Online Poker Identities as well as a variety of entertainment related poker sites that help satisfy your 'pokertainment'.


4. Poker Curious has organized, reviewed and rated all the areas in which any online poker player has to make important decisions: Playing Sites, Training Sites, Rakeback SitesSoftware, Hardware, Books, DVD's, Movies, Magazines and Merchandise.  We have researched Classic Poker Articles and Classic Poker Interviews for you to easily access. We have provided helpful resources like News/Informational sites, Open Poker Forums, Interesting Poker Sites, Glossary of Terms, Rules and Game Play, and Acronyms and Poker Slang.


5. Lastly, but in my estimation most importantly, Poker Curious has developed a variety of features and tools to encourage communication and community.  Starting in The Community which acts as an advertisement for the general community activity level, the real core of Poker Curious lies in My Community.  You build your community of friends via My Friends.  Once you have friends, your Friends Feed keeps you updated on their activity on the site and interactions with you.  The Buddy List tracks their movement on the site and equally important when and where they are playing poker on the major poker sites.  You can communicate with other members through My Messages, Forums, Chat and comments.  You can express yourself through My Blog, My Profile, My Pictures and coming soon My Hands.


Undoubtedly, poker is a great game that anyone can play, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or even ability.  Poker Curious simply wants to aid in making your experience more pleasurable, informed, expedited and connected.  Enjoy the site and let us know how we can make it even better!

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