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» Scotty Nguyen Interview

By: Zimba
June 28th, 2010 (9:44am)

Scotty up closeScotty Nguyen, 47, is a larger than life tournament poker player and character. He is a true Las Vegas poker grinder, having seen many highs and lows during his long career. Currently 5th on the all time money list with tournament winnings of more than $11 million, Scotty has had an incredible poker career and according to him there is still gas in the tank. He is the 1998 World Series of Poker main event champion, winner of the 2009 $50,000 WSOP HORSE tournament, nine WPT Final tables with one outright WPT win with many more accolades on this champion's resume. He has battled against going broke and back again, been there, seen it and survived to tell the tales. We sat down with Scotty to learn more...

How did you got started in poker? How long did it take you to reach the top echelons of the poker world?

I got started in poker, baby, first by becoming a dealer, baby! After I quit dealing poker, baby, in six months I make it big, baby! I was young and didn't appreciate money, baby, and go broke then went back to dealing, baby! After I build up my bankroll again, baby, I quit dealing and went back to playing, baby! I would have to say I rise to the top, baby, when I win the WSOP Main Event in 1998 baby!

At what stage did you coin the name 'Prince of Poker'? Have you always been a flashy kind of guy?

I started being called the Prince of Poker, baby, early on because I was kind to everyone, baby! The way I talk the way I play, baby! I always wear bling-bling, baby! That's Scotty Nguyen, baby! lol baby!wsop

What is your most favourite poker memory?

1998 WSOP Main Event, baby!

For all our readers out there who are learning the game and trying to move up the ranks what advice would you give to them?

Be confident and conquer the level you play at before you move up, baby!

Tell us about your life outside of poker.

I'm a family man, baby! When I don't play, baby, I'm always home, baby! I like gardening, baby! It relaxes me, baby! My favorite is my sunflowers and my vines, baby!

Scotty showing offWhat do you think are your main characteristics that have helped you rise to the top of the poker world?

I just be Scotty Nguyen baby! I don't study or do any of that baby! I have over 25 years of experience baby!

What is the your favourite one liner you have said at the table to an opponent?

"You call, it's gonna be all over, baby!" My favorite, baby!

How do you approach your game at the table?

I just play my game, baby! I do the best I can, baby! But you know, baby, luck is always involve too, baby! You need your skill and you have to have luck when it counts, baby! I just get a read on the other players, baby, and go from there, baby!

For players coming up in the poker world what are your thoughts on bankroll management and shot taking?

You got to be smart, baby! You have to take care of your money, baby! You need to pick what you are comfortable wit,h baby, and go from there, baby! If you feel you can play a big one and confident, baby, then go for it, baby!50k bracelet

Who do you think is the best tournament player right now?

Scotty Nguyen, baby! I have respect for everyone, baby! There's no one I don't want to see at the tables with me, baby! In order to win, baby, you can't fear no one, baby!

Is it true that during your early years you went from having a million dollar bankroll, fast cars, big houses to being almost broke? If so how did you recover from that? What advice would you offer to other players experiencing a tough downswing?

That's true, baby! Very tough, baby! You have to start back over, baby! I went back to dealing poker to build my bankroll, then I hit the tables again, baby! Every player out there needs to respect their money, baby!

What does the future hold for Scotty Nguyen? Will we see you continue to dominate the biggest poker tournaments and make history?

Poker, baby! Of course, baby! I want to be better and better, baby!

Scotty and wifeWhat is the number one key to being a successful poker professional?

Just be you, baby! Remember where you come from, baby! Remember that without the fans you would be a nobody, baby! Appreciate them, baby!

If you could leave our readers with piece of advice to live their lives by what would it be?

Make sure you take care of family and loved ones, baby! Don't forget about them, baby! Appreciate them, baby! They always there for when you lose for you to come home and cry on their shoulders, baby! Don't forget them when you win, baby!

Before you go, Scotty, we have several fun questions we always ask our interviewees.

What is your favorite fun poker phrase/slang/acronym?

Nut, nut, baby!WPT win

If the poker industry disappeared completely, what other career would you most like to attempt?

Don't know, baby! lol baby!

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

That would never happen baby!

When your poker career is over, what would you most like to be remembered for?

Being the best, baby!

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